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Handmade gemstone necklaces

Handcrafted necklaces with freshwater pearls, semi precious gemstones, leather, wood, shell, sterling silver, Thai silver & Swarovski crystals.
You will find handcrafted beaded necklaces, chain & pendant necklaces as well as others with handmade sterling silver links.

Custom Necklaces

Each of the handcrafted necklaces is custom made for you when your order is placed. Each is created for you, individually based on the options you choose at the time you order.
You can customize your necklace by size, color and clasp style. If there is an option not listed, or a style you would like that you don't see just send me an email.
  • Semi precious gemstone necklaces
  • Updated and classic beaded freshwater pearl necklaces
  • Silver beaded and sterling silver chain necklaces
  • Custom Swarovski crystal necklaces
  • Unique handcrafted leather, wood, & shell necklaces

Many of the handcrafted necklaces are created to wear alone or layered. From classic and timeless to fun and funky, you are sure to find one to suit your own personal style.

Handcrafted Freshwater Pearl Necklaces & Gemstone Necklaces

I choose freshwater pearls and semi precious gemstones because I love that each bead is unique in shape, color and texture. The natural variances in the freshwater pearls and gemstones make each of the freshwater pearl necklaces & gemstone necklaces unique.
Many of the gemstone necklaces come in a variety of colors and each of the custom necklaces comes with an extender, choice of size, or is adjustable. You can create your own unique necklace with the options available.

Fun and Funky Thai Silver Necklaces

Thai silver necklaces are created with Thai silver beads, pendants and clasps that are handmade by the Karen Hill Tribe. Hill Tribe silver is composed of 95%- 99% silver, compared with 92.5% in sterling silver. This silver tends to tarnish less than sterling silver and because it is softer, it makes it easier to create unique silver beads, pendants and clasps.
Each piece of Thai silver is unique and adds a little something special to each of the handcrafted necklaces. Each Karen family creates their own ‘signature line’. One family may create a specific pendant, while another may create a beautiful toggle clasp. The details and stampings in these pieces also make them special because they relate to the Karen people’s culture. You can learn more about Thai silver by reading my article about the Karen hill tribe.

Classic and timeless sterling silver necklaces

Sterling silver necklaces are created with bright sterling silver beads as well as textured and hammered sterling silver. The bright sterling silver is used in many of the classic custom necklaces.
Why not wear a little sparkle with jeans and a t-shirt as well as a dress?

The handcrafted Swarovski crystal necklaces have been created with the ability to go from day to night.

Many of the Swarovski crystal necklaces have color options. If you don’t see a color or style that you’re looking for, just email me. I would be happy to create a custom Swarovski crystal necklace for you. I may even have the color in stock.

Go Natural with leather necklaces

Leather necklaces with sterling silver, Thai silver, gemstone and shell pendants that are simple and sleek. You are able to customize your leather necklace by choosing your cord color and some offer size options.
If you would prefer a size not offered, just leave your request in the notes section at checkout. Children's sizes are usually 12" and 14". You can also email me with your request. Adjustments like these are at no additional charge.

Wood necklaces

Wood necklaces are beaded with many different sizes and shapes of wood beads. You will find single strand, multi strand as well as wood necklaces with pendants.
In each description, you will find information relating to the origins and meanings of the materials used. You can also view information on all of the materials used by viewing the customer service page.

Custom necklaces are just an email away

I can make adjustments to a current style, change a pendant, lengthen or shorten a necklace, or create something special you may have in mind. Additional charges may apply for adjustments.
Gift shopping? If you are shopping for unique gift and can’t decide, gift certificates are available as well. Gift certificates can be used for custom necklaces as well.
Whether it is a gift for yourself, or a loved one, your handcrafted necklaces will come with a cotton jewelry pouch and will be packaged in a white gift box with a tan bow. If you would like a message included, it will be handwritten on a note card.
Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express are accepted through a secure server, or use your PayPal account. For more information on payment and security please visit the customer service page.
Check back often for new handcrafted necklaces as well as custom handcrafted jewelry.